Meet Qcify's new R&D Engineer


Meet Antoon De Cleen, our new R&D Engineer. We’re excited to welcome Antoon to our R&D Team!

What will your role be as R&D Engineer?

I’ll be pushing the limits of Qcify’s deep learning technology even more to the boundaries of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) universe. Ultimately this will assure that a machine installed in Australia will improve the performance of a unit in California and vice versa. At Qcify we’re still amazed that there are established companies out there that have thousands of machines deployed and that do not do a single thing with all the data that’s been generated.

Any other interesting facts we should know about you?

I recently graduated from KU Leuven with as a Master of Science in Engineering, with option in Computer Science and major in Artificial Intelligence. In my free time I love working on my oldtimer Moto Guzzi.

Our team is growing

Our team is growing – and we need you!

We want to keep pushing our technology to the limit and going out of our way to keep our customers happy. That means we need dynamic new talent to grow our team. Does one of these positions sound like it could be something for you?

● IoT developer (Belgium)

● Administrative assistant (Belgium)

● Field Service Engineer (California)

Want to know more, or know someone who could be perfect for the job?

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What are Qcify's core values?

For any business, whether they’re as young as Qcify or already been around for a very long time, it is important to listen to its customers and to know its core values. For this particular reason, do you see our team on a regular basis talk to customers about values. And no, we’re not just talking about the value add of our technology to their operations.

During a recent off-site we went through past email exchanges and conversations with customers in order to try and see if we were still on track with core values that we believe are important in our interactions with business partners and customers.

In case you wonder “And what are those core values” well here they are:


Giving back: Australia

As you might know we at Qcify believe in giving back and paying it forward. About 1.5 year ago we installed our first machines in Victoria, Australia. Since that moment more machines followed in Australia as well as California.

Qcify already sponsors a youth basketball team in Belgium but we were looking for a different way to "invest in the future" in Australia as well. After a long search we decided to give back in the form of preservation. And what better way to help preserve Australia's nature than to help create a safe haven for one of Australia's endangered species: the koala.


This past weekend our CEO, Raf Peeters, visited the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary on Kangaroo Island to make a donation. If you want to learn more about this wonderful place and their mission then just click here.


Sampling all throughout the Central Valley

With the 2018 almond harvest started in California it's time for our machines to kick into high gear and gather quality data for the new crop. Below image shows the location and density of our machines all throughout CA.

As soon as the samples are run over our machines and data starts flowing in we'll get a clear picture on how exactly this year's crop compares to the previous one so stay tuned for further updates.

Qcify Customers.png

Bringing the network effect into QC

Since the inception of quality control into processing plants, companies have heavily relied on humans to collect, interpret and use data about the quality of the produced goods, whether food, pharmaceuticals or other non-foods. And with increasing production volumes, labor costs and end-customer specs the days of this human approach have to be over.

At Qcify we not only automate this quality control process we also push the limits by making use of the network effect of our technology.

So what is this network effect?

Well with an increasing number of our units coming online, we're starting to collect tons of data that allows us to further improve our technology and build out systems that far exceed the human process, which is still around in most companies.


After all the data is anonymized we use it to further improve our algorithms and the overall customer experience. So basically, a machine in Australia will help machines in the USA become smarter but in return all the US based units help improve the performance of the Australian one.

Not only will this help improve the overall efficiency and performance of our technology, it also allows us to deploy new units in less than 4 hours. And yes, there are some initial questions with regards to the data usage. But once we explain them how all data is anonymized and the fact that they will benefit from this approach unless they have >50% of all our units installed at their facility they quickly jump on board and realize that they have more to win than to lose.

Meet Qcify's new Customer Success Manager


Meet Bert Switten, our new Customer Success Manager. We’re excited to welcome Bert to our Customer Success Team! Bert joins us from within the industry, where he already helped out food processing companies both on the sales and the service side with every question you can imagine.

As Qcify’s new Customer Success Manager, Bert will use his knowledge of the Qcify platform, our third-party integrations, and training techniques to propel the onboarding experience in a way that will set customers up for success from day one.

Want to know more? We asked Bert to tell us a little bit about himself and his new role. See below for the full Q&A!  

What will your role be as Customer Success Manager?

I’ll be guiding new clients through the sales process, providing them with training and serving as their point of contact within Qcify. Once they have our systems installed, I’ll remain as a technical resource if issues arise and will work with their team to assist with those issues.

What are the top five points of feedback you heard about Qcify prior to joining them?

  1. Very close collaboration with their customers to achieve the most optimal solution
  2. Ease of use of the system
  3. Objectivity and consistency of the data
  4. No more manual data transfer due to 3rd party integrations
  5. The systems are getting better and faster due to AI

Any other interesting facts we should know about you?

I moved to California almost 5 years ago and enjoyed every single day. Outside of work I'm on a mission to visit every single National Park in the United States of America.