At Qcify, our application engineers serve as the vital link between our customers and the continuous development of our machines. They have a knack for understanding what our customers want and need, and they're experts at translating that knowledge into innovative solutions that really hit the mark. In this spotlight, we shine a light on Application Engineer Dries Hendrikx, who is rapidly approaching his one-year anniversary with us!  
Technology poised to conquer the world 

As an Application Engineer at Qcify, Dries is responsible for assessing the needs and desires of our customers, work on solutions, gather data, and build models to meet those needs. “I often get to engage with customers, ask their feedback, and make sure we do something with it,” he says. 
During Dries’ first year at Qcify, he has discovered the sheer impact our machines have on our customers. "I've always believed that the hardware and software we develop had tremendous potential, but the speed at which things are progressing – it's something every company can only dream of,” he beams. “Raf clearly wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to achieve world domination.” 

Scaleup company with startup vibes

Even though Dries is based in Belgium, he has already experienced firsthand the company's international reach. In just a short time working there, he's had the opportunity to travel to different countries and collaborate with teams from all over the world. 
“While Qcify has moved beyond its startup status, our team continues to embrace an innovative and agile spirit,” he notes. “Even the typical people dynamics of a startup are still there. I really love the close-knit culture we have. Raf goes above and beyond to cultivate a supportive and appreciative atmosphere. He's got a great way of connecting with everyone at Qcify. What I also appreciate about him is his transparency regarding the company's direction, goals, and his vision, which is as clear as day. Not to mention, he's a genuinely kind person who cares about his team, on both sides of the pond. To me, going to work every day feels like being part of one big family.” 

The challenges of becoming bigger

Qcify's growth brings with it a challenging balancing act - prioritizing tasks, streamlining operations, and navigating new processes. “As the company transitions to a more structured organization, the shift from a 'jack-of-all-trades' mentality to specialized roles can be a growing pain,” Dries admits. “But I trust this is a process that will evolve organically.” 
Even though Qcify has a rock-solid vision and great ambitions alike, Dries acknowledges that no one knows exactly where the company will be in two or five years. “The tech environment is evolving at a rapid pace. “But I do know that I want to stay and continue contributing,” he states. “I’m definitely eager to see where this remarkable journey with Qcify will take me! ”

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