At Qcify, we take pride in our values and what we stand for. While many of our followers are familiar with our core values, there are facets of our company that might surprise them. Not because they're insignificant, but because we never realized they actually mattered. Here are 4 facts about Qcify you might not know. 

#1 Our first customer was actually Australian 

Qcify was founded in the United States, and it's the American 'go-getter' mindset that has driven our momentum. Initially, it seemed logical to assume our first customer would be from the U.S. But surprisingly, it was an Australian company! They remain a satisfied customer to this day. And of course, we've expanded our presence Down Under since then. 

#2 Every team member wears the CEO hat 
While Raf Peeters holds the official title of CEO, we're not big on titles and strict hierarchies. In essence, every Qcify member acts as their own manager. Of course Raf plays a pivotal role in guiding the company, but we value and believe in the unique contributions each person offers. 
What does this mean on a day-to-day basis? Everyone is encouraged to share their opinions, make impactful decisions, and work whenever and wherever they like (as long as the result is there). 

#3 90% of the almond industry uses Qcify for quality control 
Qcify's roots are deeply embedded in the nut sector, with a special spotlight on almonds. It's no coincidence, considering a whopping 80% of the world's almond industry thrives right in our backyard – California. 
Our journey began with pioneering quality control solutions for almonds, and today, we're proud to say we nearly serve the entire sector. The cherry(nut) on top? An impressive 90% of global almond enterprises rely on Qcify. While the nut industry has a vast global footprint, our tight collaborations make it feel like a close-knit community.

#4 We believe in ecosystem thinking 
At Qcify, our ethos of embracing an open-minded stance isn't just reserved for our customers—it's integral to our internal dynamics too. We challenge each other all the time and offer constructive feedback, always looking to improve both individual and collective performance. Why? In a smaller company or startup, the strength of each team member is paramount. Through collaborative brainstorming and constant dialogue, we make sure our momentum always propels us forward.

Want to get to know us even better? Check out our culture manifesto!

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