In a world where AI is often oversold, Qcify emphasizes genuine partnerships, human touch, and functional creativity. Through advanced quality control solutions and by distilling data into actionable insights, we empower businesses to thrive.

AI Isn’t magic
Qcify has been using deep learning and machine learning as part of its solutions from the very beginning. AI isn’t a just buzzword to us, it’s part of the bigger picture.
As more tech and non-tech companies move to include AI into their marketing pitch, the perception of what AI is and where the value lies starts to muddy. AI isn’t a magic fix to the industry’s issues. If the foundation of the product isn’t great already, AI won’t improve it. It’ll be a crutch on which the product has to lean. The cracks in the design will show themselves in time, which will reflect badly on the business.
The use of artificial intelligence is steadily growing into becoming a commodity. It’s becoming more accessible everyday. OpenAI democratized generative AI with Chat GPT, kickstarting the hype and popularization of the tool. Since then, plenty of companies have been starting to develop their own internal machine learning programs. With the prevalence of AI-included solutions growing, other factors will need to give the advantage so the products can stand out.

The human touch
Human connectivity is one of those differentiating factors. Being in touch with your customers is important, but let’s take a step back to look at the foundation first. Qcify’s company structure mimics its mindset. We aim to facilitate growth. As a company, we want to inspire growth in the industry, in our employees, and in technology. This doesn’t happen overnight, neither within a comfort zone. So we take pride in steering away from the historical norm if it means we can offer an edge to the industry. Taking the leap time and time again takes passion. It’s this passion and strive that shines through in whatever we do. By creating a close knit ambitious team, we can be light on our feet in the fast-changing industry landscape. This allows us to continuously research and develop new ideas to help elevate the performance of our customers. Of course, generating profit is a necessity to the company.
The market is our crystal ball, and if we see something isn’t working we will pull the plug and move on. We enjoy what we do, but we’re not here to just dance around the campfire and sing songs.

Obviously, you can’t be of any assistance to the industry if you don’t have an ear to the ground. You need to be in it. There’s a need for an actual partnership with the industry. You want to be thoroughly familiar with what the processors, growers, (re)packers really care about. What are the issues they need fixed?
True collaboration is about sharing the good and the bad. Through open dialogue and bold conversations with our (soon-to-be) clients, we get intimately familiar with their unique situation. Their feedback is essential for us to continuously provide the right kind of assistance.

A prime example of a distinguishing factor to the industry is after sales service. An x-thousand USD machine is worth scratch if it doesn’t perform the way it was promised. Bad performance or malfunctioning machinery is a financial drain as it puts strain on the overall performance of the quality control process. We don’t want our customers to experience this, so our solutions are produced and maintained to a strict standard. Service is to us exactly that: a service. It isn’t something we want to have high profit margins on. It is a cog in the machine of the feedback loop that is at the core of our business.

Turning data into actions
A second key differentiator is data. “Data is the new gold”, is often said. People have been saying so for decades. Now we know what this digital gold is worth, but we still need to mine it. And after mining the ore, we still need to separate the gold from it. That’s where it gets hard with data: There’s often more of it than we know what to do with. For some people, too much data just ends up being static without an easy way to navigate it. Data-analytics take time, and time is precious.
The difficulty lies in actually gathering the valuable data and displaying it clearly. Finding the gold in the ore and refining it, if you will. If you can succesfully gather and display data, decision-makers will win plenty of time. They can now focus on taking actions instead of gathering the neccasary data to know what actions to take. Having the right data readily available can make people’s lives, and work, a lot easier. Helping to navigate this data avalanche is at the heart of what Qcify stands for. We’re connecting the dots.

Let’s dive deeper into batch quality inspection as one example of the impact data optimization can have on the quality control process. Traditionally, you might only notice a batch was out of spec at the very end of the process. Which means you’ve wasted a lot of time and money. With our Qcify machines installed, your information flow is automatically gathered from all over your plant. You’re informed of the process to the minute. Our system spots when something goes out of spec and you’re notified immediately. Now, the QC team can take the proper steps to ensure the product stays within specifications.
This is why we’ve developed the Qcify HUB and Qcify RAY.
The Qcify HUB is a centralized data access point with the ability to control all Qcify machines connected to it.

  • By installing a HUB, you’ll be able to manage all Qcify machines from one spot, automatically collecting their data. This information is all visualized in an overview that can be personalized to track your facility according to your expectations.
  • The Qcify RAY is our solution to providing up-to-date data from across your facility, all the time.

Employing the RAY in your lines opens up the ability for robust real-time monitoring of your process. Some use case examples are: tracking cracker performance, analyzing sizer outfeed, monitoring accept and reject streams from electrical sorters, or overseeing the blanching or roasting outfeed.
The Qcify RAY sends its data to the Qcify HUB, where you can make use of its UI to have an in-detail overview of what’s going on in your plant. As the automated analytics improve, so will the automated process. Evidently, supporting each other’s progress.

So the next big step is to automate the process even further to include those follow-up actions which you’re notified of now.

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