The power of data-driven decision-making

When using Qcify's patented (patent pending) technology you'll gather much more quality control data than ever before. But it's not just about gathering data, we're all about providing experiences and solutions that will allow for data-driven decision-making.

Therefore we understood early on that our systems would have to become part of the larger picture. Communication between our system and ERP systems ( such as SAP, Nutware, Almads) or SCADA systems (such as Ignition) are now no longer something of the future.

We look forward to a connected future together with our customers and business partners.

It's all about the future

As most of you know, at Qcify we like to focus on the future. Not only do we develop Quality Control solutions but we also aim to give back and help the next generation. One of the ways we motivate the youth is by sponsoring their sports endeavors.

Last Saturday our CTO, Bert Peelaers, attended the official presentation of their new outfit. And whether or not it was the new outfit, the team won the game.

2016 Almond Conference

Last week we participated in the Annual Almond Conference in Sacramento, CA. During the event we showcased our automated QC system for the first time to the wider public.

2016 Almond Conference

And even though we anticipated a positive response the event surpassed any goal we had set. Tons of people stopped by, everybody saw the potential for their operation and some called our system "The coolest and most promising technology" they saw in the exhibit hall.

Via this way we would like to thank everybody for stopping by and we will get in touch to schedule personalized demos in the upcoming weeks.

Proud INC member

For young companies it's always nice to be part of a larger eco-system. Whether it is purely for networking, finding new customers or just getting more exposure on the international scene. These were some of the major drivers for Qcify to become a member of the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council. And to be honest, we've never seen a membership pay off faster than this one so we look forward to what's to come.

Our CA roadshow is approaching rapidly

After attending the 2016 INC World Nut Congress in San Diego it's now time to gear up for the next phase: our CA Almond Roadshow.

This summer we will be touring with our QC system throughout California while visiting almond processors in the Golden State. If your company is ready for the long overdue step forward in the QC department, then wait no longer and register via this link.